QUANTRIX | Dimension Online Expert Speaker Series



In the videos below, you’ll hear from the Quantrix Team about what’s new in Modeler and how you can get the most out of your license.

You’ll also hear from a variety of professional modelers about how Quantrix fits into their businesses.

Professional Modeler Speaker Series

Nikki James is a Senior Program Manager at Johnson Controls, where she leads the data and technology enablement of the Performance Infrastructure business. She holds a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. Starting her career as an energy engineer for Johnson Controls, Nikki enjoys creating and improving software tools that enable engineers and their project teammates to efficiently deliver smart, sustainable solutions for their customers.

Carlos Kelly is the strategic finance and analytics senior manager at Uplift, Inc. He has been focused on his professional experience in advanced analytics since 2015, implementing data science and automation to help decision-makers. He received his bachelor’s degree in financial engineering from ITESO in 2015. Since 2017, he has created analytics teams from scratch and has been involved as a consultant for startups. Carlos currently lives in Guadalajara, Mexico and he enjoys learning management and analytics and playing tabletop games in his spare time.

Daniel Valle started working in Finance 6 years ago, transitioning from the Strategy & Supply department. Part of this new role was to overhaul the budget process using Quantrix. Daniel and the team used the learnings in that process to later build their budgeted financial statements, financial forecast and 5-year plan in Quantrix – as well as adopted Quantrix as a powerful tool for ad hoc reporting and scenario analysis. In Daniel’s most recent role as a manager, the goal has been to pass the knowledge base and models to other team members who can continue building from where they are now and expand the company’s capabilities.

Jason is a former United States Marine who joined Mischler Financial Group, the nations oldest Service Disabled Veteran’s broker/dealer, in September 2014.

Jason’s background provides for a unique blend of information technology, trading and fixed income portfolio management knowledge. He is currently a Director in the Debt Capital Markets group and the creator of the MaxQ Qloud Analytics platform. Jason also leads the Agency Syndicate effort for Mischler Financial Group and works directly with swap counterparties and agency representatives to increase New Issue access to clients and increase volume for GSE diversity access programs.

Jason specializes in addressing the philosophical, political and analytical complexities of public fund portfolio management by providing a framework and strategy built from the ground up. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation from the CFA Institute and is an active member of the CFA society of Orange County.

Conference Presentations

New Feature Deep Dive

Modeling Tips & Tricks

Scripting & Formulas

Nikki James, Johnson Controls

Carlos Kelly, Uplift, Inc.

Daniel Valle, Reiter Affiliated Companies

Jason Klinghoffer, Mischler Financial

Intro to Agile Modeling