QUANTRIX | Here’s what to expect

After your initial call and demo, we will work with you each step of the way! We want you to get value from your Quantrix investment in the shortest time possible. For that reason, we developed the Quantrix Customer Onboarding Plan.

Customer Onboarding Framework

We’ll be with you each step of the way to enhance your modeling and planning effectiveness. We have a network of experts in regions all over the globe ready to assist you with any service needs you may have.

Learn more about each step of our framework:

During the ‘Connect’ phase, we’ll meet with you alongside any necessary partners to discuss and outline project milestones. We can support you with any deployment or license support. This phase offers a great opportunity to align expectations and create a plan for success.

During the ‘Prime’ phase, we will continue to offer any support to help you get started. This is a time for all new users to begin the Quantrix Modeler Tutorial and Training Models. If you choose to work with our services partners, they will lead deep dive sessions to help you define your pain points and also deliver highly customized training for your use case.

During the ‘Implement’ phase, we will be available for any needed check-ins and refresher training. Throughout this phase, you will begin building your models and seeing the value that Quantrix delivers to your business.  Our services partners can host additional training or model building sessions designed to accelerate your path to success.

The “Grow’ phase is where all your hard work starts to become realized. All parties will attend a Value Call to demonstrate that Quantrix is achieving the goals you set out at the beginning of the process. If needed, we can adjust or expand upon your initial needs. You will also have the opportunity to showcase what you have learned in Quantrix and share your new models with the key stakeholders within your organization.

After a few iterations of ‘Implement’ and ‘Grow,’ your model(s) should be taking shape, but the journey doesn’t stop here. Our team will be here to continue to support you as we grow together. We want you to be able to own, maintain, and extend your Quantrix models with confidence. This requires having a continuous learning mindset – leveraging your learned Quantrix skills while discovering new ways that Quantrix can create value across your business. Ultimately, you become the subject matter expert of Quantrix at your organization, a center of excellence where new employees and Quantrix users can glean from your experience to expand value!